Medical Certificate Attestation for UAE in India

how to get medical certificate attestation for uae in india

Streamlining the Process: Medical Certificate Attestation for UAE in India

Embarking on a journey to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) often involves a series of documentation procedures, including the crucial step of medical certificate attestation. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the essential steps and requirements for obtaining medical certificate attestation for the UAE in India, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

Understanding Medical Certificate Attestation for UAE in India:

Medical certificate attestation is a mandatory process that validates the authenticity of your health-related documents for acceptance in the UAE. This process is crucial for various purposes, including employment, education, and residency in the UAE. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the medical certificate attestation process seamlessly.

Key Steps for Medical Certificate Attestation for UAE in India:

  1. Medical Examination: Begin the process by undergoing a medical examination from a recognized and authorized medical center in India. Ensure that the medical facility is approved by the relevant authorities for the UAE.

  2. Notary Public Attestation: After receiving your medical certificate, the first step is to get it attested by a Notary Public in your local area. This involves confirming the authenticity of the document and your signatures.

  3. Home Department Attestation: The next step is attestation by the Home Department of the respective state in India. This step is crucial as it involves the state authorities verifying the document’s authenticity before providing their official seal.

  4. MEA Attestation: Following the Home Department attestation, submit your documents to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for further verification and attestation. This step adds an additional layer of authentication to your medical certificate.

  5. UAE Embassy Attestation: To ensure the recognition of your medical certificate by the UAE government, it must be attested by the Embassy of the UAE in India. Submit your attested documents to the embassy, where they will officially recognize the authenticity of your medical certificate.

  6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Attestation in UAE: The final step involves getting your medical certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. This is a mandatory step to ensure that your health-related documents are legally recognized within the country.

Benefits of Medical Certificate Attestation for UAE in India:

  • Legal Recognition: Attested medical certificates hold legal weight in the UAE.
  • Health Compliance: Ensures that your health-related documents meet the standards set by the UAE authorities.
  • Government Approval: Attested medical certificates are accepted by government authorities and institutions in the UAE.


Medical certificate attestation for the UAE in India is a critical step in the relocation process. By following these steps diligently, you can ensure that your health-related documents are officially recognized in the UAE. Plan ahead, initiate the attestation process well in advance, and guarantee a seamless transition to the UAE with your attested medical certificate.

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