Simplified Guide: Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE in India

Moving to the UAE from India entails a series of authentication procedures, with degree certificate attestation being a crucial step. While financial considerations are important, ensuring the proper authentication of your educational documents is paramount for career advancement or pursuing higher education in the UAE. While it’s possible to obtain MOFA’s seal by scheduling an appointment, seeking assistance from experienced professionals or consultancy firms can expedite the authentication process.

As the foremost degree certificate attestation service provider in Dubai, our team of experts offers unparalleled support to streamline your attestation journey. The process begins with attesting certificates in your home country before proceeding to MOFA attestation. Notably, certificates are classified into three categories: educational, non-educational, and commercial attestation.

Purposes that involve Degree certificate attestation:

  • For higher education
  • For a work visa permit
  • For migration purposes
  • To start a professional business

For those seeking degree certificate attestation for UAE in India, the following steps are involved:

  1. Notary Public: The initial step is obtaining notarization from the HRD Department of the state where the certificate was issued. It’s crucial to initiate this process promptly upon receiving confirmation from a UAE-based university. Additionally, accompanying documents may be required for swift and reliable attestation.

  2. Home Department Attestation: Subsequently, the certificates need to be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of India. Due to the volume of attestation requests, this step might entail some waiting time.

  3. UAE Embassy Attestation: The next essential step is attesting the certificates from the UAE Embassy in India. Here, thorough scrutiny is conducted to verify documents previously attested by the Ministry of External Affairs to prevent the use of fake documents for migration purposes.

  4. MOFA Attestation: The final stage involves obtaining attestation from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Upon completion of these steps, your documents are deemed ready for use in the UAE. It’s important to note that while the authenticity of the signatories is verified, the contents of the document itself are not authenticated.

Relocating to the UAE often necessitates having educational certificates authenticated, ensuring smooth employment opportunities. Therefore, it’s imperative to undergo the attestation process to avoid potential challenges in securing employment or pursuing educational endeavors. For swift and cost-effective degree certificate attestation services for UAE in India, don’t hesitate to reach out to our consultants. We’re dedicated to facilitating a seamless attestation process for your educational documents.